Dubbing v/s Subtitling

In recent years, one should really be thankful for the presence of latest technology as one is able to access different movies from all around the world. As, a number of individuals are able to speak 2 to 3 different languages so the film industry has been trying their best to make different movies easily accessible for people who reside in foreign nations. This is mainly being done so a movie becomes quite popular among masses and the film industry can gain profit within a short span of time.

If one wants a particular movie to become easily understandable for different cultures then it can be done by making use of two options. Either it can be subtitled or it can be dubbed. A number of new Pakistani movies are even being dubbed in different languages. This is done so; people can enjoy their favorite movie easily.

In the same way, a number of South Indian movies dubbed in Hindi have always been attracting a wide range of audiences too. But there are certain advantages and disadvantages of these options too.


A process in which all sorts of human sounds are recorded in a particular language so they are easily understandable for a specific nation’s audiences is known as dubbing. In this case, a dubber’s voice is simply placed with the original person’s voice.

Dubbed Movies

A number of people watch dubbed movies so they can relax from a long day of tiresome work. These movies are even watched when a person is unable to understand their favorite movie in another language.


It is another way in which a person can watch a particular movie by reading the dialogues at the bottom of a specific screen. If a spectator has to watch a particular movie then they have to read these subtitles. This thing has taken all over the world because it is one of the convenient ways to watch one’s favorite movie.

Subtitled Movie

In today’s world subtitled movies are being loved by a wide range of audiences too. This is because a number of movies are available in different languages and people do not always opt for dubbing as a good option.

It all depends upon different individuals that with which option they prefer watching a particular movie. These are some of the advantages and disadvantages associated with the art of dubbing and subtitling.